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This website was designed as a sandbox for me to try out new things as I learn more about web design and show off what I can do. Read below for more information and we'll see what happens. The Twitch embed has been removed to remove Amazon's tracking. Nothing on this site is tracking you!

Brief Summary of what it's about.

This is my own personal website aimed at being a representation of what I can do with websites, graphics and more.
My aim is to eventually turn it into an online portfolio for anyone interested in my skills. I will hopefully figure out what
other content I can use to fill the page but for now this'll do.

If you are interested in anything Technology or Gaming then consider checking out my T&G Forum

I've made this entire landing page from scratch, including the graphics. If you are interested in what I can do, here is
a brief list:

  • Work with HTML templates
  • Modify and update stylesheets
  • Basic graphic design and video editing
  • Basic knowledge of mySQL and databases
  • Seasoned Forum Administrator within the phpBB software

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